This form is designed to be used for the submission of information to be added to either 1) information being submitted via the NEW PERSON Form or 2) an existing worksheet. In both instances, the contents of this submission will be added to a worksheet in the Giering Family Genealogy data holdings. The form is organized similar to children portion of the worksheet. It is assumed that persons using this form are familiar with the worksheets that are either augmented or created from/by its contents.

Five additional children may be added with this form. If more than five children need to be added, use this form repetitiously.

We refer to the primary person for the family for which the information is being submitted as the "Principal". A second person - of the same generation - associated with the family described herein is referred to in this form as the "Spouse"; this would be the Father or Mother of the children to be added.

Please note that the Principal is ALWAYS the person in the direct Giering Family Line. That person MAY or MAY NOT have the Giering surname.

There is certain information that is needed to assure that the information being submitted is added correctly. This includes identifying the submitter and both the Principal and spouse for the family to whom the children belong.

    Your Full Name?

    Your E-mail address?

    Your Identification number:

Principal's Full Name?
Principal's Id nbr:

Spouse's Full Name?
Children of the Union
What 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child 5th Child


Please click on submit one time only. This form will be automatically mailed.

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