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Q: What are the Vertical lines and "blobs" on the left margin of some of the Chart Pages?

A: These are used primarily with the printed version of the Chart Pages. In the Main Chart Page is a section titled: "Printing and Assembling the Chart". This gives instructions for the generation of a "wall" chart of offspring. With a printed chart there are no links and the vertical lines aid in following a family line over page/section boundries. The so-called "blobs" represent a "pipeline" and is used when there are an excess of vertical lines necessary. All of the vertical lines are considered "bundled" inside of the pipeline. For more information on this subject, see that section on the Main Chart Page.

Q: Will the information collected for the "Giering Family Trees" Project be published?

A: (The following answer is from the Author and collector of the information, Richard H. (Dick) Giering):

There are presently no plans for any commercialization for the project. ALL information collected as part of this project will be made available to all Giering's and Giering descendants. The information is being maintained on the World-wide Internet to allow for the widest possible no-cost dissemination of the information. For those persons who do not have access to the Internet, The information is available from the author at the cost of reproduction ONLY.

I further pledge that if, in the future the plans change, I will notify all individuals of the change and allow for the retraction of the collected information.

Q: Where do you get the animated clip art you use on your home page?

A: Barry Pase - Most, if not all, of the animation used in the various parts of this Web Site were obtained from Barry's Clip Art Web Site. The clip art demonstarted at this site is indicative of his work, and I most heartily recommend him.

Q: What is you policy on the handling of adopted children?

A: Any person (especially a child) who is legally adopted becomes part of the Giering Family Line. Persons not legally adopted are not considered for inclusion in this web site. The key is "legal"; if the adoption has been accomplished legally, the child is included, if not, then not!

Q: How do you handle information obtained from newspaper or other clippings?

A: If possible, the clippings are actually quoted and included in the worksheet(s) to which they apply. Where the source of the clippings is known, that information is also included.

Q: What is the difference between step-sister (brother) and half-sister(brother) and how do you handle them?

A: The difference between them is identified below - see the definitions for STEP-SIBLING and HALF-SIBLING below. Normally set-siblings are not included in the web site. Half-siblings are included if the shared parent is included.


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