An Orientation Tour of this Web Site

As of February 6, 2001

Congratulations! You have decided to take our tour of this Web Site. We hope it will be informative.


This section is designed to acquaint first time visitors to this Web Site about its contents. A self controlled walk-through (Orientation tour) has been created as a "tour" of a sample of the Web Site. If it is not your intent to take the orientation tour, you can return to the home page by Clicking here. To take the tour and become acquainted with the contents and design of the Web Site, continue with the following information.

This Web Site is organized in the following hierarchical manner.

HOMEPAGE | _____________________________________________ | | | INDEX/NAMES OFFSPPRING SUPPORT | | | WORKSHEETS TREE CHARTS HELP DOCS

Subordinate to the Home Page are three "Main Pages": An "Index of Names Page", A "Chart Page" and a "Support Page". Links to the three Main Pages (as well as to the Home Page) are found in a Main Menu which itself is found on the top of the three main pages and the Home Page.

To prepare to take this tour, you will need to decide on which of three methods you wish to use in walking through the Web Site on Tour.

Method ONE
Method TWO Method THREE
This is the split screen version
The Two Task Version
The Hard Copy Version
Method one is a split screen version of the tour. If your Browser supports Frames or, if you don't know and would like to try, we recommend this first alternative for taking the tour. If your browser does not support frames, you will be so informed and you can then choose one of the other alternatives. This alternative uses the concept (in windows) of switching between two applications: one of which is the web site while the other is some other application which would contain the tour guide document. If you are comfortable with the WINDOWS method for switching between two executing applications, this should be your choice, If, however, you are not conversant with the practice of switching between two applications AND your computer configuration has a printer, this alternative is probably for you. Under this alternative you prepare a hard-copy of the tour guide document and use it while viewing the web site.


At the conclusion of this set of paragraphs is a link to the actual Tour Guide document. Click on that Link. The Tour Guide document will be displayed.

Using the FILE pull down menu select SAVE AS. When the SAVE AS menu is displayed, click on the pull down arrow under the category of "SAVE FILE AS TYPE". Select "Plain Text (*.txt)" and click. Define a file name (make sure the extension is "txt" or else the file type MAY be overridden) in one of your directories and click OK.

The Tour Guide Document will now be available under the chosen file name in the specified directory. Minimize your Browser execution and return to the PROGRAM MANAGER.

Activate an application with which you are familiar that can display the Tour Guide Document - either a word processor or the Windows Notepad. When the selected application is active, OPEN the file containing the Tour Guide Document. We recommend that this display application be maximized in the same manner that the Browser is maximized.

When the Tour Guide Document is properly displayed and readable, use the key combination to return to the browser.

Take the tour by reading the Tour Guide Document and then taking the suggested actions in the browser to walk-through the Web Site.

The Tour Guide document is found by clicking here.

To start the tour, return to the HOME PAGE.


At the conclusion of this set of paragraphs is a link to the actual Tour Guide document. Click on that Link. The Tour Guide document will be displayed.

Use the FILE pull down menu and select the PRINT option. The result will be a hard copy of the Tour Guide Document.

Use the back key to return to this point and use the Link to go to the Home Page. Read the Tour Guide and take the Tour.

The Tour Guide document is found by clicking here.

To start the tour, return to the HOME PAGE.




Before we actually start the tour, the following is a set of guidelines and information to help you take the tour. When you take the tour, the tour guide document will be located in the top half of the screen (called the Tour Guide Window) while the Web Site material will be located in the bottom half (called, oddly enough, the Web Site Window). As the tour progresses (that is as you proceed to read through the tour guide document), certain of the tour guide document material will be underlined (it is also of a different color). By clicking (with your mouse) on this material you will cause the Web Site material to change based on where you're at in the tour. While we will be able to thusly control the movement both between documents and the vertical movement within a document, it is not possible to control the horizontal movement within a document. At these points in the tour (only a few of them), you will instructed to scroll horizontally (there are other points in the tour at which you may wish to surf the document displayed in the lower window). To do this. place your mouse arrow in the horizontal scroll bar of the Web Site Window and move the Web Site Material right or left (at this point all other controls - such as the arrow keys - are all available for the lower window). Remember that when you return the mouse arrow to the Tour Guide Window, the mouse control remains in the Web Site Window UNTIL YOU CLICK SOMEWHERE IN THE TOUR GUIDE WINDOW.

There is a link at the conclusion of the tour to get you back to the Home Page for other perusing of the Web Site.
    If you are ready to take the tour Welcome.

COPYRIGHT © 1997 through 2001 and beyond, Richard (Dick) Giering
All rights reserved; Copies of the content only may be made without prior
permission ONLY with credit to the Author
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