Charles Jacob Florian Giering


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DOB:Nov 22, 1864
POB:Catasauqua, Pa.
DOD:May 30, 1957
POD:Middletown, NY
POI:Hillside Cemetery, Middletown, NY
DOM:Sept. 29, 1887
POM:Middletown, NY
POB:Possibly from New Milford, Pa.
DOD:? ?, 1950
POD:Middletown, Pa.
POI:??Middletown Cemetery??
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Jul 20, 1985 (Discussion) & July 7, 1998 (Posted)
Basic and Initial Information
Letter and telephonic discussion (Jul 4, 1985) with Grandaughter, Marjorie Bush. Marjorie's Mother, Horton's Widow, (discussion Jul. 20, 1985) clarified family tree when she indicated that Horton's Father was called CJ for Charles Jacob Florian Giering and that the "Aunt Millie" and "Aunt Taddy" that Marjorie visited in Nazareth when she was a child was really Emilie and Clara - CJ's sisters.

Jul 6, 1990 (letter) and July 7, 1998 (posted)
Obituary, Pictures, and business write-up
Letter dated July 6, 1990 from Grandaughter, Marjorie Bush

Date of Action
What or Who is reported upon.
What is the source(s) - From Where does the Information come.

Data: Jul 17, 1996; posted September 1, 1999
Photo of Mildreg's gravestone
Cemetery in Middletown, NY

Data: Summer, 1996 & Mar 9, 1997; Posted April 22, 2000
Photo of CJ's Grave Marker
Photo taken by CSG (Author's wife) during visit to Middletown, NY during Summer, 96. Scanned (Jim Doane) Mar 9, 97.

April 27, 2010; posted: August 20, 2012
Photo of CJ Giering' Jewelry Store. CJ is behind the counter
Letter note from Marjorie Bush dated April 27, 2010

OCCUPATION/EMPLOYMENT:Jeweler - The following is quoted from the Sussex, NJ Vantage Recorder of 12/19/1930:

C. J. Giering

With Jewelry Store at 9 North, Middletown, Features Diamonds, Pearls And Precious Stones and Silverware Of All Kinds That Have Been Brought From The World's Largest Market Direct For Your Selection--Has Excellent Selections Of Settings And Makes Anything You Desire To Your Special Order--Modern Mounting Brings Out The Color And Brilliancy--Excellent Repair and Optical Departments.
    This is one of the most progressive establishments in the community and is meriting the large patronage it is receiving. Whatever you may wish in novelties, watches or jewelry, you will find that they have provided in this storeaq choice assortment from which to make your selections.As regards quality, you may rest assured that whatever you purchase here will be priced at a most reasonable figure for this establishment is in charge not only of a reliable businessman, but one who has had wide experience in this field and knows the business from the ground up. All of those many articles of jewelry so dear to the feminine heart are offered in a great profusion of attractive patterns. Courtesy and accomidation mark the service.
    This popular store abounds in ideal articles for weddings and birthday gifts; in fact is equipped to supply its patrons at all times of the year with the most suitable gifts for both young and old.
    This store has made quite a study of the latest vogue in jewelry of the ladies of the period and is familiar with the prevailing styles that are so popular. It is incumbentupon every well dressed lady to have her jewelry so modern and stylish as her wearing apparel. Any lady who does not keep up with the times should consult them, so they may be able to add much to the charms personality by fitting you out with that which is modern and attractive. They have the finest creations of the modertn jewelry maker's art in these lines which are made a speciality by this store.
    In the watch department they feature complete lines of watches which are internationally known for their true worth and embody the highest degree of mechanical accuracy and beauty of design.
    They maintain a modern optical department in connection with their jewelry business where the service is of the highest class and most dependable.
    We are pleased to compliment Mr. Giering and to refer him to all of our readers.





The following is quoted from a Middletown, NY newspaper, Page 1. Please Note the photo is a thumbnail - to view the actual picture, click on it and, when finished, click BACK.
Charles J. Giering,
Retired Jeweler,
is dead at 92
    Charles J. Giering, of 111 West Main Street, who operated a jewelry business at 9 North street from 1889 to 1953, died today in Horton Hospital after a short illness. He was 92 years old.
    Born in Catasauqua, Pa., on Nov. 22, 1864, Mr. Giering resided for some time in Bethlehem, Pa., and came to Middletown in 1885 at the age of 21. He founded the Jewelry business in January, 1889, in a three-story, wood-frame building which was replaced in 1911 by the present four-story brick building, known as the Giering Building.
    Mr. Giering retired from active parfticipation in the business about 1928, and it was carried on by his sons, Horton V. Giering and the late Carl J. Giering. Ill health caused Horton Giering to sell the business to Austin e. Grey, its present proprietor in 1953.
Veteran Excelsior
    Mr. Giering was a 67-year member of Excelsior Hook & Ladder Company. He received the Fire Company's gold pin for 50 years of service in 1940.
    He was a member of Webb Horton Presbyterian Church.
    Mr. Giering's wife, the former Nellie Vail, whom he married Sept. 29, 1887 in Middletown, died in 1950. Surviving are one son, Horton V. Giering of 111 West Main street; three grandchildren, Mrs carolyn Wright of Detroit. Mich., Mrs Joyce Scholle of Elmhurst, Ill., and Miss Marjorie H. Giering, Middletown, and two great-grandchildren.
    Private funeral services will be held Friday at the applebee Funeral Home,witgh the Rev. Joseph C. Hedges, pastor of Webb Horton Church, officiating. Burial will be in Hillside Cemetery. The family has requested that flowers be omitted.


The following was published in (believed to be Middletown, NY) Times Press in the late 1930's. The photo has been re-constructed from pieces, Please Note the photo is a thumbnail - to view the actual picture, click on it and, when finished, click BACK

People     You     Know
Snapped on the Street by the Times-
Press Photographer

To view one of the photos, click on it and, when finished, click BACK

Major marker for the Vail and
Giering Families
Middletown (NY) Cemetery

Nellie Vail's Grave marker
Middletown (NY) Cemetery

CJ's Grave Marker

Charles Giering Jewlery Store
9 North Street
Middletown, NY

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