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DOB:Mar 15, 1897
Baptised: Apr 11, 1897
POB:Emmaus, Pa.
DOD:Dec 7, 1987
POD:Chamberburg, Pa.
POI:Emc ??
DOM:Jun 10, 1923
POM:Emmaus Moravian Church, Emmaus, Pa
By Rev. Paul T. Shultz
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OCCUPATION:Minister, Moravian Church

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH:The following is quoted from a document prepared by Rev. Giering:

Robert Isaac Giering
Born March 15, 1897, at Emmaus, Pa. (second house East from Macungie Avenue on Chestnut street) ... Note: Very few houses on Chestnut street in those days.
Son of Edgar Warren and Daisy Irene Giering.
In 1901, family moved Green street between 2d and 3rd streets. Note: Third street North was a deadend street at Green in those days.
In 1903, age 6, entered first grade of Public School, Emmaus, Pa.,Old Central Building, Miss Christ, teacher.
In 1905, family moved to East Main Street (East of Keystone street). Entered Public School, East Main street, behinf Emmaus Moravian Church. Teachers, Miss Emily Kratzer, Miss Roxella Weiller (Married name Higgins).
In 1908, family moved to New Street (later known as Broad street). Returned to Old Central School Building.
In 1911, at age of 14 (in those days it was the expected thing to quit school.) Quit School and went to public factory. In thise days you went to work at 6:00 a.m. and worked to 6:00 p.m. with as half hour at noon for lunch. Started at Keystone Silk Mill, and later at D.G.Derry Silk Mill, and a factory at Mountainville, Pa.
    At about this time, and for some seven years studied the guitar with Oto Wolf at Allentown. Studied the violin for a brief period.
In 1913, attended Night School at O.C.Dorney Commercial School above the YMCA at Allentown Centre Square.

In 1914, learned the Ribbon weaving trade at Allentown, Pa.

In 1914, became interested in a call to the Christial ministry. Had been active in church work, servng as Sunday school teacher, and as church school superintendent at the age of 17 ([also] a member of the Church Board of Trustees. Sang on the church choir and took part in Christian Endeavor youth work. Was president of the Old Moravian C.E. Union of the Eastern

Studied privately with the Rev. Robert H. Brenneck, then pastor at Emmaus Moravian, and with Dr. Charles H. Rominger at Bethlehem, Pa. (Then superintendent of MPS).

Entered Moravian Preparatory School in 1915 and continued there for two years, i.e. to the spring of 1917.

Note: The decision to prepare for the ministry was a serious one, but then came World War I...It was time of prayerful, earnest and serious heart searching. As the arly church fathers resorted to the Lot whenever difficult decisions loomed, the mater of whether or not duty to country to country should come first at that time was submitted to ???. The Lot (one "yes", one "no", one blank) indicated enlistment in the Medical Department of the U.S. Army. Enlistment took place at Allentown on May 3 with induction on May 9, 1917 at Columbus, Ohio.

In U.S. Service - assigned to the U.S.Army Chartered Transport Service from June, 1917 after training at Fort Wadsworth, N.Y. (The Army chartered ships from coastal service because the U.S.Navy was not yet prepared to take over). assigned to U.S.A.T. ships Lenape, and later Cauto, and later Buford.. The ship Lenape at that time had a mixed crew of army personnel civilians, Portugese, Swedes, Spaniards, Norwegians, and fifty navy personnel. What a training center fror preparation to the Christian Ministry! How paryers were answered!. Went to France on June 15th, 1917 with the first full contingent of U.S.troops. Landed at St Nazaire, France near the end of 1917. Crossing thr Atlantic had a formation of sixteen troop ships (four abreast). There were two destroyers on each side of the formation, and two destroyers in the rear, and one cruiser at the front.

In 1919, July 3rd, was discharged from the Army. Took part in those early days in organizing the Emmaus Charles Henry Schaeffer Post of the American Legion. Because of the need of entering Moravian College in the fall of 1919 interest in the Legion had to be abandoned for the more important work of preparation for the Christian Ministry. This interest was renewed later while at Easton, Pa.

Took employment during the summer of 1917 at the Donaldson Iron Works, Emmaus.

Entered Moravian College and Theological Seminary in the fall of 1919. Was graduated with A.B. degree in 1923 and in 1925 with the B.D degree. While at Moravian was active in baseball, Literary Society, Glee Club, Quartet, String Trio and instrumental groups. Went on tour with glee club to Wisconsin.

On June 10, 1923, was united in marriage with Miss Mabel Buss, a registered nurse at Allentown Hospital and organized of the social service program at that institution after special training in Social Service at University of Pennsylvania. The Rev. Paul T. Shultz of Emmaus Moravian Church performed the marriage. The following children blessed their union; Mary-Jane wife of Ferree LeFevre at Chambersburg, Pa., and Dr. John E. Giering husband of Lesle Quick of Muncie, Ind.

Was called to supply pastorate at Schoeneck Moravian Church, Northampton Co.,on January 18, 1925, and received a permanent call to Schoeneck on March 11, 1925. Was ordained on May 3, 1925 (before graduation) by the Rt. Rev. J. Taylor Hamilton, at the Emmaus Moravian Church.

Served the following pastorates:

May 17, 1962, Retirement, and residence th helen Bell Cottage, Nazareth,Pa., thanks to the help of Bro. F. P. Stocker and the Church Boards, and te special interest of Bro. William Henry of SPG, and the Nazareth Congregation.

In Retirement -

It should be noted that the subject of this biographical sketch was not only devoted to each congregation he served, but likewise in his denomination and to each community he served. For example, he was a Rotarian at Diver, Ohio, Nazareth, Pa. and Utica N.Y., serving as President at Nazareth, 1947-1948.

It should be noted that nothing has been stated as to the nuber of sermons preached, and addresses given. Nor has any mention been made of the catechetical clases conducted, or the confirmations, or marriages, or baptisms, or installations, etc. performed.

In humble gratitude, we praise and give thanks to our ever faithful Guide, and Confort, and Strength, the heavenly Father who loved and sustained and blessed.

Additional Notes:

PRESS RELEASE-GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY:The release include picturesd

The Rev. and Mrs. Robert I. Giering, retired, 202 East Center Street, Nazareth, Pa. are observing their Golden Wedding Anniversary on June 10. They were married June 10, 1923 at the Emmaus (Pa.) Moravian Church by the Rev. Paul T. Shultz. It was within the walls of the Emmaus Moravian Church that Mr. Giering was baptised as an infant, confirmed, married and ordained. It was in that church that he officiated at the wedding of his own Daughter Masry-Jane to Mr. Ferree LeFevre of Chanbersburg, Pa.

Mrs. Giering, the former Mabel Buss, is a native of Catasauqua. She was baptised and confirmed in St. Paul's Luthern Church, Catasauqua, by the late Rev. Dr. James Lambert. As a teenager she moved to Emmaus with her widowed mother the late Mary (Kiechel) Buss and her brothers Edwrad and Leon. She entered Nurses Training at Allentown General Hospital and was graduated in 1919 from Allentown Hospital School of Nursing. She received a scholarship from the hospital for study at the Pennsylvania School of Social Service, Philadelphia. Under the leadership of the late Dr. Robert Schaefer and Miss Alma Viedorfer, R.N. Director of Nursing, she the honor of inaugrating the Department of Social Service at Allentown General and had the privilege of working with such men as the late Dr. Warren Butz and the late Dr. Elmer Bausch.

Before retirement in 1962 the Gierings served Moravian congretgations in Pennsylvania, at Schoeneck, Northampton County, and at Easton First, and at Nazareth. At Dover, Ohio, they served First and Second Churches during World War II participating in parish and special community programs. Mr. Giering served as Chaplain and as Commander of Dover Post # 205, American Legion and in community War Projects. Mrs. Giering, as a registered Nurse, and as a volunteer, participated in the Red Cross Nurse Training Program of Diver Chapter, training almost one hundred women in Home Nursing Courses, and as Nurses Aides. Thess ladies gave many hours of volunteer service as Aides at Union Hospital, Dover-New-Philadelphia, Ohio. Both Mrs. Giering and her husband hold special citations from Dover Chapter, American Red Cross, and the community of Dover for their War Service in the area.

While serving at Easton, Pa.,the new Moravian Church at Tenth and Bushkill Streets was built. At Easton, Mr Giering served as Chaplain of Brown and Lynch post no. 9, American Legion. He took part in the various financial campaigns for ther new Easton Hospital and the new Easton Nurses Home. Those projects have since grown in a rapidly expanding community into a great hospital service agency. While at Nazareth and later at Utica, both Gierings took an active part in the Rotary Clubs and their Rotaryians. Mr. Giering is a Mason and a member of Tuscarawas Lodge No. 59, F. and A.M., Dover, Ohio. Both Mr. and Mrs Giering have continued membership[ in the Tuscarawas Chapter No. 164, Order of the Eastern Star, Diver.

The Gierings have two children. Mary-Jane is married to Ferree LeFavre who is in the area Senior High School, Chambersburg, Pa. Both are active muscally and in the community and in the Central Presbyterian Church of which he is organist and director of music. Their son John holds a Ph.D. degree from Purdue University and is in research in Rochester, N.Y. He and his wife Lesle Alice reside at West Bloomfield, N.Y. and are very active in their area. There are three Grandchildren; Alison, an accomplished horsewoman, Jane Elizabeth and Robert William.

For health reasons the Giering celebration must be limited to home and family.

PRESS CLIPPING: The following was published on page D-3 of the Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio Times-Reporter, Sat., Jun 9, 1973 (see an image of the actual clipping below):

Former area Couple
married 50 years ago

    Rev. and Mrs.Robert I. Giering of Nazareth, Pa., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday. Because of health reasons, the celebration will be limited to family.

Mrs. Giering, daughter of the late Oliver Busses of Catasauqua, Pa., and Giering, son of the late Edgar W. Giering of Emmaus, Pa., were married June 10, 1923 in Emmaus Moravian Church by Rev, Paul T. Schultz, now desceased.

The Gierings served at Dover during the World War II period and retired at Utica, N.Y. and returned to Nazareth where they have resided since 1962.

The couple's children are Mrs. Ferree (Mary-Jane) LeFevre of Chamberberg, Pa., and John E. of Rochester, West Bloomfield, N.Y.. Three grandchildrencomplete the family.

Rev. Giering is a member of Tuscarawas Lodge 59 F. & A.M. at Dover, and past commander and past chaplain of Dover Post 205. He is a former chaplain of District 10 American Legion, Department of Ohio.

During World War II, Mrs Giering served as a Red Cross Nurse for Diver Chapter of the American Red Cross and trained almost 100 in home nursng and nurses' aides courses.

ADDRESS:Last (Prior to Death) with Daughter: Mary-Jane LaFevre
539 High St.
Chambersburg, Pa 17201




COMMENTARY:Confirmed into Emmaus Moravian Church, Mar 16, 1913
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The Ed Giering Family circa 1918/1919.
Back row, from left: Robert, Father, Edgar; Brother, Harold;
Front row from left: Sister, Evelyn; Brother, Martin; and Mother, Daisy.

Harold and Robert in WW I Uniforms

Robert at Feb 14, 1944

Mabel at Feb 14, 1944

The Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio Report.

Major Gravstone for Robert and Mabel

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