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The information/documents contained on this site reflect the Giering/Gühring Family Trees. Most - probably all - of the trees have roots that originate in the "old" country (Germany); these trees will be inter-connected to other trees when data from the orin has been identified and included.

While reading the material in this Web Site, if any term is unfamiliar, please refer to the Glossary of Terms.

This Web Site is made up of four parts plus a Main Menu.

The First or Primary portion of this site is a set of document pages - referred to a Worksheet pages. Each worksheet represents an individual or family in the collection. Each such individual or family has a unique Identification Number associated with it. A list of the names of these individuals is found in the

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Index of Names.

Each person is listed in the index for each of his/her names (except the common GIERING name). For example, if John Paul Jones were to be listed, the name would be found as "Paul Jones, John", "Jones, John Paul" as well as "John Paul Jones".

A second (and equally important) portion of this web site is the

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"Offspring Chart Pages".

Until the individual lines of the family trees project have been inter-conected, there will be separate individual family charts. Each set of chart pages - when taken as a set - is the "family tree" for one of the lines.

All of these tree charts - when lookd at in a reverse chronology order - has as its "origin" in a "list of trees" as found via the Mail Chart Page.

The third portion of this web site is a set of pages making up a "support Section". This page is one of them. For details on this section, use the link and return to the "mail support Page".

Probably the least used, but the most usable portion of this web site is the available "search Engine." The operation of this search engine is limited to the contants of this web site. A search, using the available boolean connectors and operators, will locate the document/pages that satisfy the visitor's stated requirement. For details on the operation of this earch engin, refer to Return to top of this page
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The Main Menu is on the top of the five primary pages, each of which has a link to it in the main menu. The Main Menu is designed to afford visitors the opportunity to move from any point within the Giering/Gühring Family Trees Web Site to any other. The site is constructed in three multi-page oriented sections; each of which has a "main" page. In addition to these three main pages there is a Home page (the page a visitor sees when first being attached to the site) and a Search Template page (for more information on this page, see The Search Help Document. These are the five primary pages on which a copy of the Main Menu exists. accede

Each of the five elements making up the main menu has a title indicating to which page the element is a link; it also contains an image for identification. While viewing the page to which the link of the elemnt would aply, the background color for that element is Grey - the other elements have a yellow background color indicating the link to that section is active.

For more information on the three multi-page oriented sections, see The Document Types Section.

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The purpose of this research project and its associated web site is to identify and chronicle the Giering (as used in this document the surname Giering is assumed to include all spelling variants, e.g. Gühring) family down through the centuries. This chronicling includes not only those bearing the surname Giering, but also those who, for whatever reason - including females whose names changes with marriage - enjoy other surnames

The mission of this web site to make available to all interested parties the information on any and all Gierings and Giering Descendants. An Internet Web Site is considered the most cost-effective (at no cost to the vivitor) way to assure maximum dissemination.


There are two mjor goals associated with this "Giering Family Trees" project:

  1. Family Line Connection - As is defined on the main chart page, there are a number of seemingly independent Giering Family lines - some in the United States, sone in England and some in Germany. It is the Author's belief that all of them stem from some single origin - probably in Germany. The first Major Goal is to identify and catalog the relationship between the independant lines, connecting them together making one composite line.
  2. Medical Information - A longer range goal deals with medical information. As Medical Science advances, it is finding many hereditary relationships for various maladies. I believe that future generations - in order to become more aware/knowledgeable of possible inherited conditions - will need as much family medical history information as can be obtained. To collect and record that information is my goal! For more detrail about this goal, please read the letter requesting Medical information the author sends to most visitors.

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    Each of the worksheet document pages in this site - other than the chart pages - represents an individual identified in one of the family trees. All known information concerning that individual including parentage, offspring, photographs, etc. are included in that document. Documents are identified by a "page number" which is also that person's identification number. These numbers are of the form "gg_nnn". This number defines:

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    It is believed that all information contained herein is publically available from other sources or was freely given to this author for the purpose of compiling this Genealogical History.

    Persons, for whom records are contained herein, wishing certain information to remain PRIVATE, are invited/encouraged to communicate that wish to the Author. While no promise is inherent in this invitation, an attempt will be made to accommodate all such requests. Communication via E-Mail (see below) is encouraged.

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    This Web Site has been constructed and tested using a Netscape Navigator © 4.7 Browser operating under Windows 95/98

    The PC used in this endeavor employed a color capability at 800 by 400 Pixels using 256 color levels.

    The Author makes no claim as to usability under other conditions; visitors employing other capabilities are encouraged to communicate results - both pro and con - to the Author (E-Mail is encouraged).

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    Please send comments, suggestions and, especially, added information to:
    The Author:Dick Giering


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    The Author gratefully acknowledges the help and support in the collection of Genealogical Information, the assembly of this Web Site and backing that allowed the fruition of this on-going project:

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    The COPYRIGHT notice that follows this paragraph and is found at the conclusion of all pages in this Web Site applies to both the data content and to the design of the Web Site itself.

    COPYRIGHT © 2000 and beyond, Richard (Dick) Giering
    All rights reserved; Copies of the content only may be made without prior
    permission ONLY with credit to the Author
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