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This list contains the names of Gierings for whom the worksheet information has not yet been converted to Internet format. All names in this document are Gierings, either by birth, marriage or by adoption. The names are listed only once and organized by the first letter of the first name.
The number in parenthesis following the name is the anticipated identification number. For information on this Identification Number, return to the home page and click on that section. It must be noted that there are some persons for whom no worksheet has yet been prepared, but are listed in the primary index because they are children of persons for whom a worksheet has been prepared. These people are NOT listed twice.

The index is in twenty-six parts: one for each letter of the alphabet representing those name-strings that have that initial letter. This set of initial-letters is considered a "Main Index". To find a name, jump (click) to the initial letter:

This list is informational only. As no worksheet yet exists for these people, no link is available. As the worksheets are generated, the names will be removed from this list and included in the main list - the one from which you came.
Ada Warren (Simmons) Giering (Y17_038)
Agnes ( ) Giering (Y15_030)
Agnes May (Fleming) Giering (Y15_003)
Albert Edward Giering (014_023)
Alfred Giering (Y16_038)
Alice (Yaeger) Giering (Y16_004)
Alma Giering (Y16_001)
Amber Mae Giering (Y18_097)
Amy Elizabeth Giering (Y18_083)
Angela ? Giering (Y18_019)
Ann (Farrell) Giering (Y16_003)
Anna Giering (Y16_001)
Anna Elizabeth Giering (015_014)
Anna (Flichner) Giering (Y16_001)
Anna (Muth) Giering (Y16_014)
Anna Rebecca (Koch) Giering (Y15_002)
Anthony Giering (Y18_056)
Arlene Giering (Y16_001)
Audrey (Hollensworth) Giering (Y17_022)
August Giering (016_027)
August C. Giering (017_034)
Augusta Mae (Campbell) Giering (015_010)
Augustus Phillip Giering (014_009)
Barbara Giering (012_013)
Barbara (Schippers) Giering (Y17_011)
Belle Josephine Giering (015_025)
Bertha Giering (Y15_031)
Beth Ann Giering (Y17_063)
Betty Giering (Y17_066)
Bradley Kent Giering (018_072)
Brenda Lee Giering (018_151)
Brenda May Giering (Y18_142)
Bruce Duane Giering (018_094)
Carl Giering (016_009)
Carol (Muschletz) Giering (Y17_016)
Caroline (Addicot) Giering (Y18_153)
Caroline Elizabeth (Stahle) Giering (Y14_005)
Carolyn White (Moore) Giering (Y16_009)
Caron Giering (Y17_063)
Carrie Jane (Reese) Giering (Y15_007)
Catherina (Doll) Giering (Y13_004)
Catherina (Doll) Giering (Y13_004)
Catherina (Romig) Giering (Y12_010)
Catherine Giering (Y17_063)
Catherine Giering (015_013)
Catherine Rebecca Giering (016_017)
Charles Chester Giering (016_039)
Charles Clark Giering (18_097 )
Charles Giering (Y15_036)
Charles Giering (017_085)
Charles Lawrence Giering (016_028)
Charles Marcus Giering I (016_014)
Charles Marcus Giering II (017_021)
Charlotte (Meredith) Giering (Y16_039)
Chase William Giering (Y18_152)
Christina Giering (012_014)
Christina (?) Giering (Y14_025)
Christine Giering (017_047)
Christopher Benjamin Giering (018_103)
Christopher Giering (17_085 )
Clara (Taddy) Giering (015_020)
Clarence Oscar Giering (016_018)
Clarifsa Alamanda Giering (014_014)
Coleen (Matuezinski) Giering (Y18_056)
Coult Travis Giering (Y18_097)
Daniel John Giering (Y18_019)
Debbie Giering (Y17_067)
Deborah Giering (Y17_085)
Dennis Giering (018_156)
Diane (?) Giering (018_141)
Diane (Pardo) Giering (18_092)
Donna Mae (Clark) Giering (Y17_035)
Doris (Strickland) Giering (Y16_037)
Dorothea (Kirkpartick) Giering (Y16_026)
Douglas Edward Giering I (017_081)
Douglas Edward Giering II (018_076)
Edmund Jacob Giering I (016_016)
Edmund Jacob Giering II (017_079)
Edward F Giering (017_045)
Edward J Giering I (016_041)
Edward J Giering II (017_046)
Edward Jacob Giering (016_001)
Edward James Giering (015_018)
Edward Paul Giering (018_091)
Edward William Giering I (017_031)
Eliza Sellina Giering (016_021)
Elizabeth Giering (017_073)
Elizabeth (?) Giering (Y16_001)
Elizabeth (?) Giering (016_030)
Elizabeth (Phillips) Giering (Y17_031)
Elizabeth (Sachler) Giering (Y14_008)
Elizabeth (Sailor) Giering (Y14_008)
Ella Ann ( ) Giering (Y15_034)
Ella Ann (Boroski) Giering (Y17_089)
Ellis Kent Giering (017_036)
Elmer Giering (016_045)
Elmira Pricilla Giering (014_015)
Emily Katherine Giering (Y18_094)
Emma (Biekel) Giering (Y16_011)
Emma Louisa Giering ( 014_01)
7 Emma (Louis) Giering (Y17_083)
Erica Giering (Y18_092)
Ethel ( ) Giering (Y16_042)
Eugene Thomas Giering I (015_003)
Eugene Thomas Giering II (016_004)
Eva (Schlund) Giering (Y16_027)
Evelyn Giering (Y16_032)
Evelyn Giering (Y17_060)
Frank J. Gieri((016_007)
Fredrick William Giering (015_032)
Frieda Giering (Y15_031)
Friederika (Gerst) Giering (Y15_031)
Gary Jack Giering (017_022)
Geoffrey G Giering (017_050)
George Giering (Y16_001)
George F. Giering I (015_030)
George F. Giering II (016_042)
George F. Giering III (017_071)
George F. Giering IV (Y17_071)
Gregory Lee Giering (019_031)
Gwendlyn Gail Giering (018_026)
Hannah Elenore Giering (014_013)
Harold Augustus Giering (017_002)
Helen Henrietta (Muller) Giering (Y16_013)
Helen Margaret Giering (016_039)
Henreittia? Louise (Kreiter) Giering (Y13_001)
Herbert James Giering (015_016)
Herman Levin Giering (014_020)
Horton Vail Giering (016_008)
Howard Giering (Y16_001)
Howard John Giering I (016_013)
Howard John Giering II (017_009)
Howard John Giering III (018_025)
Ida (Albrecht) Giering (Y16_033)
Ida Susan Giering (015_023)
Ignatius Frederick Giering (016_034)
Issac Herman Giering (015_00)
Jacob Giering (015_038)
Jacob Giering (016_038)
Jacqueline Cecile (Sauve) Giering (Y17_008)
.1 Jacqueline Jean Giering (017_080)
James Herbert Giering (016_003)
Jane (Dice) Giering, (Y15_006)
Janice A (?) Giering (Y17_058)
Jean (Frost) Giering (Y18_019)
Jean Giering (017_051)
Jean (?) Giering (Y17_063)
Jeffrey Giering (018_155)
Jeffrey Louis Giering (Y18_083)
Jennifer Giering (Y18_056)
Jennifer Lynn Giering (Y18_115)
Jenny Lee Giering (Y18_019)
John Edgar Giering (018_002)
John Fredrick Giering (015_017)
John Fleming Giering (016_006)
John Giering (015_028)
John Giering (016_032)
John Giering (Y15_036)
John Giering Jr. (015_012)
John Howard Giering (018_019)
John Louis Giering (018_083)
John Levi Giering (014_002)
John P Giering (017_052)
John W Giering (016_043)
John Wayne Giering (Y18_019)
Joseph (?) Giering (016_031)
Joseph (?) Giering (018_024)
Julia Giering (Y16_038)
Julie (?) Giering (Y18_029)
Julie Ann Giering (018_017)
Justine Giering (Y18_018)
Katherine Giering (015_026)
Katherine Lucelle Giering (Y17_079)
Kathy (Thomas) Giering (Y18_153)
Kelly Mellon Giering (Y18_097)
Kenneth Edward Giering (016_037)
Kerri (AKA Karry) Ann Giering (Y18_017)
Laura (Lomatch) Giering (Y16_015)
Laura Mae (Ringer) Giering ( Y16_01)
8 Levin Franklin Giering (015_004)
Lillian Katherine (Kelley) Giering (Y17_079)
Linda Giering (017_072)
Linda Giering (Y17_085)
Linda (Hirst) Giering (Y18_091)
Linda Patricia (Lorentz) Giering (Y18_115)
Linwood Donald Giering (017_077)
Lisa () Giering (Y17_050)
Lisa Giering (Y18_092)
Lisa Giering (Y18_092)
Lois (Sikkema) Giering (Y17_085)
Loretta Elizabeth (Reinhard) Geiring (Y17_078)
Louis Giering (015_037)
Louis Giering (017_083)
Louis W. Giering I (015_037)
Louis W. Giering II (Y15_037)
Margaret Ann (Fenstermaker) Giering (Y17_059)
Marguerite Anna (Bruder) Giering (Y17_002)
Maria (Gunther) Giering (Y12_007)
Marilyn Giering (Y17_063)
Marjorie Marie (Taylor) Giering (Y17_011)
Marie (Andler) Giering (Y15_037)
Martha Louise Giering (Y17_067)
Martin Fredrick Giering (016_015)
Mary Ann Amanda Giering (014_016)
Mary Catherine (Farrell) Giering (Y16_004)
Mary Catherine (Kammerer) Giering, May (015_021)
Mary Elizabeth (Houser) Giering (Y13_002)
Mary Emelie Giering (016_025)
Mary Giering (Y15_037)
MaryJane (Daniels) Giering (Y17_020)
Mary (Leibert) Giering (Y15_018)
Mary Magdalena Giering (014_022)
May Mary Catherine (Kammerer) Giering (015_021)
Megan Brittany Giering (Y18_152)
Merle Giering (017_087)
Merlin (Chaney) Giering (Y18_137)
Michael James Giering (018_034)
Mildred Giering (Y16_045)
Mildred (Holmes) Giering (Y16_008)
Miranda Elizabeth Giering (Y18_021)
Miriam (Goeringer) Giering (Y16_006)
Myrtle (Patton) Giering (Y15_032)
Nancy (Picariello) (White) Giering (Y18_019)
Nancy Ray (Parker) Giering (Y17_021)
Neil Giering (017_062)
Neil Giering (Y17_062)
Nellie (Vail) Giering (Y15_005)
Nicole Giering (Y18_186)
Nicole Lynn Giering (Y18_076)
Nora Amilia Giering (015_024)
Nora Amelia Giering (016_022)
May Mary Catherine (Kammerer) Giering (Y14_009)
Noreen Giering (017_074)
Norman Giering (016_026)
Oliver Giering (015_011)
Oliver Giering (Y16_001)
Oryan Christopher Giering (18_137)
Patricia Anne (Cannon) Giering (Y18_083)
Patricia (Martin) Giering (Y17_081)
Paul Edward Giering (018_092)
Paul Frederick Giering (017_069)
Paul Giering (017_076)
Paul Joseph Giering I (017_033)
Paul Joseph Giering II (Y18_092)
Paulina Giering (Y15_031)
Pauline Giering (017_068)
Peggy Ann Giering (018_023)
Percival Levin Giering (017_038)
Peter ? Giering (014_012)
Peter J. Giering (016_033)
Philip ? Giering (015_009)
Philip ? Giering (016_035)
Philip ? Giering (017_063)

Name of a Q Person
Raymond Michael Giering (018_020)
Rhonda (Titus) Giering (Y18_018)
Richard Giering (017_065)
Richard Giering (017_089)
Richard Herbert Giering I (018_003)
Richard J. Giering (Y17_089)
Richard James Giering I (017_016)
Richard James Giering II (018_056)
Richard James Giering III (Y18_056)
Richard L. Giering (015_027)
Richard Laverne Giering I (017_078)
Richard Lewis Giering (014_011)
Richard W Giering (018_137)
Robert David Giering (018_033)
Robert Elbert Giering (Y16_007)
Robert Issac Giering (017_001)
Robert James Giering (018_142)
Robert James Giering (017_011)
Robert Paul Giering (017_059)
Robert Norman Giering I (017_066)
Robert Norman Giering II (018_152)
Rose Josephine Giering (014_018)
Ruth (Clemer) Giering (Y17_023)
Ruth Elizabeth (Timmons) Giering (Y17_031)
Ruth Giering (Y16_033)
Ruth Giering (Y17_089)
Sara ( ) Giering (Y17_009)
Sarah Elenora Giering (014_010)
Sarah Nole (Unkel) Giering (Y15_001)
Scott Warren Giering (Y18_115)
Shaun Robert Giering (Y18_151)
Shelly Gabriele Giering (Y18_152)
Sheryl (Brackman) Giering (Y19_031)
Shirley Ann (Apthorpe) Giering (Y17_066)
Sophia Carolina Giering (014_019)
Sophia Giering (012_004)
Sophie ( ) Giering (Y16_015)
"Sox" see Linwood Donald Giering (017_077)
Starr (Rubencan) Giering (Y18_103)
Sue (Phelps) Giering (Y18_094)
Susan (Bowman) Giering (Y15_028)
Susan (Jackson) Giering (Y18_155)
Susan Jean Giering (018_021)
Susanna ? (Juhl) Giering (Y15_009)

Name of a T Person Tari Giering (018_031)
Theresa (Robinson) Giering (Y17_079)
Thomas Anthony Giering (018_018)
Thomas Giering (013_002)
Thomas Giering (016_044)
Thomas Giering (017_056)
Thomas Giering (Y17_085)
Thomas Howard Giering (018_029)
Thomas W C Giering (017_008)
Tilghman Andrew Giering (014_021)
Tricia Giering (018_032)
Troy Allen Giering (018_153)
Troy Norman Giering (Y15_032)
Tyler Frances Hawes (Y18_022)
Tyler Giering (Y18_092)

Name of a U Person

Name of a V Person Vincent Graydon "Gary" Giering (017_035)
Vincent (AKA Ben) Sherwood Giering (017_067)

Name of a W Person Wayne G. Giering (017_058)
Willard Clarence Giering (017_023)
Willard Forrest Giering (Y15_007)
William Giering (Y15_028)
William Giering (015_033)
William Giering (017_086)
William J Giering (017_020)

Name of an X Person

Name of a Y Person

Name of a Z Person Zachary Giering (Y18_092)

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