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This Web Site is constantly being changed and/or updated.
    This homepage was last updated on August 18, 2000.


This Web Site is not yet complete. It contains approximately ten per cent (10%) of the data available to the author. It is being added to constantly and, while it may never be fully complete, it is hoped that it will be "up to date" soon.


Prior to April, 1999, this web site home page was updated at random intervals. Starting in April, 1999, this page wil be updated ONLY when significant or major events occur, such as the combining of independent lines, the definition of additional lines, the location and identification of historically important personages, major design changes, etc. For details about changes to this page prior to April, 1999 or for prior changes to any of the chart or index pages, please contact the author. Each of the worksheets contain a catalog of changes that pertain to them only.

The following represents the changes that have occured to the composite Web Site aince its inception.

Date of Action
What or Who is reported upon.
What is the source(s) - From Where does the Information come.

Dec., 1996
Initial Design started, Initial Data
Feb., 1997
Initial data load onto Geocities.
Feb., 1997
Initial data load onto Geocities.
Mar., 1997
Initial Load of the AT&T Version. Both versions had problems uploading large JPG files.

Oct 18, 97
Ludwig Giering' Worksheet reloaded with additional children. The beginnings of the Strobel Line loaded togather with their charts. The Tour including Tour lead in and the Tour Guide(version one of the tour that had only two options:  printed tour guide and  other application tour guide.

Oct 27, 97
Initial Load(beta) of second version of the tour - this one includes the split screen capability.

Nov. 19, 97
Finalized split screen tour

December 14, 97
Re-initialized the counter on this page and started re-loading corrected (copyright and source as table) worksheets

Date of Action
What or Who is reported upon.
What is the source(s) - From Where does the Information come.

Dec 20, 97
Modified to account for new version of New Person Form and upgraded glossary (incl FAQ)

Jan, 3, 98
Revised Chart Main Page and upgraded Index of names. Added 14_48 (Jacob), 15_10 (Henry), revised 18_145 (Larry Johnson). Also began revising existing worksheets to use color codes instead of color names.

May 22, 1998
Changed the letter "G" of the main title bar to the Cyan or Red Marquee images.
Also added remaining five chart page sets - see main Chart page.
CD #2 of XOOM's 150,000 Web Clip Empire.

June 30, 1998
Added tenth Giering Line *Reinhold", etc.
also began new format for additional spouse with or w/o children plus revised page location for initial parents
Author's Design

April 6, 1999
Added Mission and Goals and revised maner of changing this section
The Author

January 27, 2001
Completely re-composed the support/Help sections
By the Author

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