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This list contains the names of Giering relatives whose surname is other than Giering and for whom the worksheet information has not yet been converted to Internet format. All names in this document are Non-Gierings, either by birth, marriage or by adoption. The names are listed only once and organized by the first letter of the surname name.
The number in parenthesis following the name is the anticipated identification number. For information on this Identification Number, return to the home page and click on that section. It must be noted that there are some persons for whom no worksheet has yet been prepared, but are listed in the primary index because they are children of persons for whom a worksheet has been prepared. These people are NOT listed twice.

The index is in twenty-six parts: one for each letter of the alphabet representing those name-strings that have that initial letter. This set of initial-letters is considered a "Main Index". To find a name, jump (click) to the initial letter:

This list is informational only. As no worksheet yet exists for these people, no link is available. As the worksheets are generated, the names will be removed from this list and included in the main list - the one from which you came.
Acevedo, Juan (Y17_012)
Acevedo, Pearl (018_039)
Acker, Yvonne Delores (Giering) (018_095)
Acker, Mathew Bruce (019_018)
Acker, Michael Brian (019_017)
Acker, Ralph (Y18_095)
Ackerman, Joan Mary (Giering) (017_060)
Ackerman, John (Y17_060)
Adam Brian Bartholm (Y18_164)
Aley, Howard (Y16_040)
Aley, Paul (Y16_040)
Aley, Rose (016_040)
Aley, William (Y16_040)
Allred, Terry (Y19_046)
Anderson, Laurance (Y15_029)
Anderson, Ruth (Giering) (015_029)
Aquila, Evelyn Elizabeth (Giering) (017_012)
Aquila, Dionisio (Y17_017)
Aquila, Jesus (Y17_012)
Aquila, Jesus (018_038)
Aquila, Lydia (018_036)
Aquila, Marilyn (018_037)
Aquila, Pearl E (Giering) (017_017)
Aquila, "Vickie" Lee (018_035)
Archibald, Alice (Giering) (Y17_084)
Archibald, Brad Owen (019_048)
Archibald, Charles Thomas (018_075)
Archibald, Francine (Smithers) (019_048)
Archibald, Gretchen (Brown) (Y18_075)
Archibald, Jason Grant (019_050)
Archibald, Melissa (019_049)
Arroyo I, Jose (Y18_037)
Arroyo II, Jose (Y18_037)
Bartholm, Anthony Charles (Y18_164)
Bartholm, Charles Ben (018_164)
Bartholm, Debra (Kippin) (Y18_164)
Bartholow, Charles (Y17_092)
Bartholow, Shirley Rae (Y17_092)
Beckett, Austin William (Y19_041)
Beckett, Dustin (Y19_041)
Beckett, John (Y19_041)
Beckett, Sharon Renee' (Bell) (019_041)
Bell, Amy Sue (Y18_143)
Bell, Jeffrey (Y18_143)
Bell, Judith Ann (Johnson) (018_143)
Bell, Sandra Christine (Y18_143)
Bell, William (Y18_143)
Bell, William Cyrus (Y18_143)
Beilleaugd, Carmen (018_042)
Beilleaugd, Jennifer Marie (Y18_042)
Beilleaugd, Robert (Y18_042)
Bernard, Linda Christine Bartholm) (018_163)
Bernard, Joseph Charles (Y18_163)
Bernard, Milinda Christine (Y18_163)
Bernard II, Victor John (Y18_163)
Bernard III, Victor John (Y18_163)
Betteridge, Morganne Elyse Lois (Y18_073)
Betteridge, Marjorie Jorene (Giering) (018_073)
Betteridge, Nathaniel William (Y18_073)
Betteridge, Keith (Y18_073)
Bills, Timothy (Y19_037)
Bills, Terri Lynn (McCumbers) (019_037)
Birckley, Becky Lou (McCumbers) (019_036)
Birckley, Robert (Y19_036)
Biskel, Emma (Y16_011)
Bitting, Clara Ardella (Giering) (016_010)
Bitting, Helen M. (Y16_010)
Bitting, Melvin F. (Y16_010)
Bloch, Arthur (018_167)
Bloch, Arthur Marcus (017_039)
Bloch, Bonnie (Y17_039)
Bloch, Christopher (Y17_039)
Bloch, Dawn Renee' (Y18_167)
Bloch, Diane Louise (Y18_167)
Bloch, Lloyd A. F. (Y16_012)
Bloch, Michael (Y17_039)
Bloch, Nora Mae (Giering) (016_012)
Bloch, Pamela Jean (Y18_167)
Bloch, Peggy (Tearson) (Y18_167)
Bloch, Phillip (Y17_039)
Bloch, Timothy Arthur (Y18_167)
Bodt, Lavina Catharina (Giering) (014_004)
Bodt, William G (Y14_004)
Bontemple, Anthony (Y17_055)
Bontemple, James (Y17_055)
Bontemple, John (Y17_055)
Bontemple, Jo Ann (Y17_055)
Bontemple, Mary Lou (Morris) (017_055)
Bontemple, Miriam (Y17_055)
Brinker, Angela Diane (Y19_054)
Brinker, Beverly (Lawson) (Y19_064)
Brinker, Chrissie (Y19_054)
Brinker, Jane (Bloch) (018_168)
Brinker, Joanne (Robeski) (Y19_054)
Brinker, Richard Harold (Y18_168)
Bruner, Elizabeth (Giering) (12_002)
Buckles, Amanda (Y18_015)
Buckles,Cheryl (018_013)
Buckles, Cindy (018_014)
Buckles, Elizabeth Elenore (Giering) (017_007)
Buckles I, James Thomas (Y17_007)
Buckles II, James Thomas (018_012)
Buckles, Michael James (018_015)
Buckles, Michael Joseph (Y18_015)
Buckles, Paula (Rasley) (Y18_015)
Buckles, Theodore (018_011)
Burke, Dr. Emmitt Stanley (Y16_005)
Burke, Frances Clair (Giering) (016_005)
Bush, Frederick Wilhelm Stellhorn (Y18_114)
Bush, Katharine Persis (Giering) (018_114)
Bush, Marjorie Holmes (Giering) (017_027)
Bush, Peter (Y17_027)
Bush II, Robert Spann Cathert (Y18_114)
Bush, William Frederick (Y18_114)
Buss, Mabel (Y17_001)
Calvert, Asia Marie (Y18_096)
Calvert, Michael (Y18_096)
Calvert, Sandra Jo (Giering) (018_096)
Calvert, Whitney Alissa (Y18_096)
Chadwell, Melissa (Y19_050)
Christ, Sarah Louise (Giering) (014_001)
Costa, Bambi (Y18_102)
Costa, Gordon (Y18_102)
Costa, Robin Rae (Giering) (018_102)
Cruz, Audry (Mathew) (Y18_048)
Cruz I, David Wayne (018_048)
Cruz II, David Wayne (0Y8_048)
Cruz, Eileen (Becker) (Y18_051)
Cruz, Linda Kay (Giering) (017_014)
Cruz, Lisa (Hawkins) (Y18_048)
Cruz, Michael Anthony (018_051)
Cruz, Ryan David (Y18_048)
DeLadurantey, Julie (Y18_146)
DeLadurantey, Nancy Jane (Y18_146)
DeLadurantey, Steven (Y18_146)
Delbert, McCumbers, James (Y18_150)
DeRhodes, Bruce Edwin (19_044)
DeRhodes, Mary Ann (Welton) (019_044)
Dougherty, Christine (Giering) (017_043)
Dougherty I, Robert L. (Y17_043)
Dougherty II, Robert L. (Y17_043)
Eckart, Alva (Y19_029)
Eckart, Karen (Parker) (019_029)
Eckart, Mathew (Y19_029)
Eckman, Viola (Giering) (014_026)
Faber, Elizabeth (Giering) (12_002)
Fairchild, Anna (Giering) (017_032)
Fairchild, Donald (018_148)
Fairchild, Howard (Y17_032)
Fairchild, Howard ?II? (018_149)
Fischer, Jean (Heggie) (018_007)
Focht, Brendan (Y18_133)
Focht, Eric (Y18_133)
Focht, Richard (Y18_133)
Focht, Shirley Ann (Giering) (018_133)
Fox, Andrew (Y19_039)
Fox, Wendy Lee (McMahan) (019_039)
Francis, Smith, Paul (Y18_154)
Gazowski, Marilyn (Burke) (017_053)
Gluckner, Jon Dale (Y17_092)
Gluckner, Thomas (Y17_092)
Gonzales, James Joseph (Y18_040)
Gonzales, Jose Hiram (Y17_018)
Gonzales I, Joseph Richard (Y17_012)
Gonzales II, Joseph Richard (018_040)
Gonzales, Joseph Jordan (Y18_040)
Gonzales, LynnAnn (Y18_040)
Gonzalez, Peggy Lee (Giering) (017_018)
Gottschling, James (Y19_030)
Gottschling, Kathleen (Parker) (019_030)
Greene, Jason (Y18_144)
Greene, Jay Robert (Y18_144)
Greene, Jayne Ellen (Johnson) (018_144)
Greene, Judith Ann (Y18_144)
Greene, Richard Michael (Y19_046)
Grube, Kirsten (Y18_043)
Grube, Meagan (Y18_043)
Grube, Thomas (Y18_043)
Guthrie, George Donald (Y16_023)
Guthrie, James D (017_029)
Guthrie, Julie Ann (Y17_029)
Guthrie, Karlee (Hodler) (Y17_029)
Guthrie, Millicent (Pohl) (016_023)
Guthrie, Scott Donald (Y17_029)
Hardy, Rita Ann (Giering) (018_004)
Hayes, John Frederick (Y18_135)
Hayes, John George (Y17_070)
Hayes, Lydia (Giering) (017_070)
Hayes, Patricia Ann (Giering) (018_022)
Hawes, Derek Shane (Y18_022)
Hawes, Edward Jason (Y18_022)
Hawes, Jeffery Scott (Y18_022)
Hawes, Kristin Lee (Y18_022)
Hawes, Nichlas William (Y18_022)
Hawes, Peter Wayne I (Y18_022)
Hawes, Peter Wayne II (Y18_022)
Hawes, Richard Thomas (Y18_022)
Hawes, Tyler Frances (Y18_022)
Heggie, Evelyn Emma (Giering) (017_003)
Heggie, Thomas (018_006)
Higgs, Mrs (Y14_025)
High-Cave, Michael Anthony (Y18_030)
High-Cave, Theresa (?) (Giering) (018_030)
Hinkle, Lorraine Ruth (Giering) (017_024)
Hinkle, Thurman I (Y17_024)

No Non-Giering's with a surname of I.
Johnson, Aimee Lynn (Y18_145)
Johnson, Beverly (Patrick) (Y18_145)
Johnson, Cynthia (Kozma) (Y18_147)
Johnson, Daniel Robert (Y18_147)
Johnson, Larry Robert (018_145)
Johnson, Lauren Rose (Y18_145)
Johnson, Melissa Erin (Y18_145)
Johnson, Rebekah Jane (Y18_147)
Johnson, Ronald John (018_147)
Johnson, Shirley Louise (Maher) (017_040)
Johnson, Robert William (Y17_040)
Kammerer, Oliver (Y15_021)
Kerner, Kaeli Rae (Y18_050)
Kerner, Carmen Marie (Cruz) (018_050)
Kerner, Kenneth (Y18_050)
Korn, Fern (Bloch) (017_097)
Korn, Harry (17_097)
Korn, Rodney (018_077)
Kramer, Dorothea Beatrice (Giering) (017_010)
Kramer, Oliver J (Y17_010)
Kramer, Terry Lee (018_027)
Kramer, Scott (018_028)
Lanning, Mrs (Y14_025)
Lansing, Jean (Morris) (017_061)
Lansing, Kevin Michael (Y18_139)
Lansing, Martin E (Y17_061)
Lansing, Martin John (Y17_061)
Lansing, Mary Kathleen (Y17_061)
Lansing, Thomas Patrick (018_140)
Lavinio, Joan Virginia (Giering) (017_042)
Lavinio, Margaret (Y17_042)
Lavinio, Stephan (Y17_042)
Lavinio, Thomas I (Y17_042)
Lavinio, Thomas II (Y17_042)
Lawrence Giering, Charles (016_028)
Lemieux, Robert Richard (Y18_016)
Lemieux, Kristine (Y18_016)
Lemieux, Theresa Marie (Giering) (018_016)
Lentine, Anthony (Y19_038)
Lentine, Pamela (McMahan) (019_038)
Little, Dean K (Y17_092)
Luby, Carolynn Warren (Bush) (019_052)
Luby, Eric James (Y19_052)
Luby II, John Francis (Y19_052)
Luby, Michael Craig (Y19_052)
Maher, Julia Louise (Giering) (016_036)
Maher, John (Y16_036)
(Maher) Johnson, Shirley Louise (017_040)
Maisonet, Alberto (Y18_037)
Maisonet, Duillermo I (Y18_037)
Maisonet, Duillermo II (Y18_037)
Maisonet, Jason (Y18_037)
Martinez, Candia (Giering) (018_043)
Martinez, Cory James (Y18_044)
Martinez, David (018_047)
Martinez, Jose (018_046)
Martinez, Julio I (Y17_013)
Martinez, Julio II (018_044)
Martinez, Mathew Scott (Y18_045)
Martinez, Sandra M (017_013)
Martinez, Vicki (Y18_044)
Matos, Barbara Ann (Giering) (017_015)
Matos, Tonio (Y17_015)
Mauer, Bernice (Giering) (017_077)
Mauer, Carl (Y17_077)
Mauer, Walter (Y17_077)
Mauer, Walter ?J? (Y17_077)
Mavro, Gena (Y18_076)
McCumbers, Bonnie Lee (Giering) (018_150)
McCumbers, David Edward (Y18_150)
McCumbers, James Delbert (Y18_150)
McCumbers, Jimmie Lee (Y18_150)
McCumbers, Kimmy May (Y18_150)
McCumbers, Sherry Lee (Y18_150)
McDonald, Carol (Giering) (017_005)
McDonald, James (Y17_005)
McDonald, Keith (018_009)
McDonald, Kevin (018_010)
McMahan, Barry Keith (018_157)
McMahan, Jenny Marie (Y18_158)
McMahan, Nancy (Costello) (Y18_157)
McMahan I, Robert William (018_158)
McMahan II, Robert William (Y18_158)
McMahan I, Ralph (Y17_082)
McMahan II, Ralph (Y17_082)
McMahan, Shirley (Giering) (017_082)
Morris, John (Y16_030)
Moss, Kelly (Y18_158)
Mullin, Helen Henrietta (Martinez) (18_045)
Mullen, Bryson Timothy (Y18_045)
Mullin, Nicole Marie (Y18_045)
Mullen, Timothy (Y18_045)
Noble, ? (Y18_017)
Noble, Daniella (Y18_017)
Noble, Sean (Y18_017)
Noble, Tiffany (Y18_017)
Osborne, Amanda (Y19_028)
Osborne, Barbara (Y19_028)
Osborne, Eugene (Y18_133)
Osborne, Kaitlin (Y19_028)
Osborne, Raymond (019_028)
Osborne, Shirley Ann (Giering) (018_133)
Parker, Charlie (Y18_134)
Parker, Nadine Annette (Giering) (018_134)
Pierson, Abigail Katharine (Y19_053)
Pierson, Francis Dwyer (Y19_053)
Pierson, Kristen Amanda (Y19_053)
Pierson, Melissa Frances (Y19_053)
Pierson, Nancy Alberta (Bush) (019_053)
Pitcher, Belle (Y15_033)
Pohl, Emilie Lienlia (Giering) (015_019)

Name of a Q Person
Renner, «MDNM»Lillian Mae (Giering) (016_019)
Renner, Nancy (017_025)
Renner, William (Y16 2D019)
Ripple, Sandra Mae (Giering) (018_005)
Ritter, Rebecca Mathilde (Giering) (014_003)
Ritter, Joel (Y14_003)
Rodda, Catherine (Giering) (017_044)
Rodda, Thomas Douglas (Y17_044)
Rodda, Eugene Thomas (Y07_044)
Rodriguez I, Julio (017_012)
Rodriguez II, Julio (018_041)
Roman I, Felix (Y18_039)
Roman II, Felix (Y18_039)
Roman, Lanise (Y18_039)
Roman, Latoya (Y18_039)
Rowan, William (17_060)
Rowan, Shiela (17_060)
Sarmir, Amie Lynn (Y18_049)
Sarmir, Diana Lynn (Cruz) (018_049)
Sarmir, Gabraille Rae (Y18_049)
Sarmir, Lindsay Kay (Y18_049)
Scholle, Joyce (Giering) (017_026)
Scholle, Harold C (Y17_026)
Selfies, Joan (Y16_020)
Selfies, Charles (Y16_020)
Selfies, Madaline Reese (Giering) (016_020)
Semer, Alice-Margaret (Y18_160)
Semer, Diane Jane (Williams) (018_160)
Semer, Mary Jane (Y18_160)
Semer, Jr, Joseph Ralph (Y18_160)
Siebert, Helen R (Y16_013)
Sisson, Mary (Y18_158)
Smith, Charles Frank (Y19_040)
Smith, Lavina Catharina (Giering) (014_004)
Smith, Lynn Nell (Giering) (018_154)
Smith, Mathias (Y14_004)
Smith, Paul Francis (Y18_154)
Smith, Ryan Paul (Y18_154)
Solt, Rebecca [Becky] (Williams) (017_051)
Soyland, Julia Louise (Giering) (016_036)
Soyland, Jeanne (Mazzolini) (Y17_041)
Soyland, John I (Y16_036)
Soyland, John II (017_041)
Soyland, Steven (Y17_041)
Stahle, Anne Rebeccah (Giering) (016_024)
Stahle, Walter (Y16_024)
Stinner, Catherine (Y18_015)
Strobel, Mrs (Y14_025)

Name of a T Person Thorp, Burton (Y17_082)
Thorp, Shirley (Giering) (017_082)
Timothy, Bills (Y19_037)

Name of a U Person

Name of a V Person Vice, Barbara Jean (Lansing) (018_138)
Vice, James (Y18_138)
Vice, Julie Ann (Y18_138)
Vice, Sarah Rost (Y18_138)
Vice, Suzanna Elizabeth (Y18_138)

Name of a W Person Wagner, Art (Y16_047)
Wagner, Delores (Y16_047)
Wagner, Viola (Giering) (016_047)
Wambold, Alan Bruce (018_078)
Wambold, Betty (Bitting) (017_054)
Wambold, Robert Charles (18_169)
Wambold, Guy L (017_054)
Wambold, Michael Robert (9_055)
Wambold, Patrick Charles (Y18_169)
Wambold, Peggy (Edwards) (Y18_169)
Wambold, Penny (Wills) (Y19_055)
Wambold, Sally Jo (Hill) (Y18_078)
Wasley, May Estella (Giering) (016_038)
Wasley, Stephan (Y16_045)
Wasley, May Estella (Giering) (016_045)
Welton, Ben Williams (Y17_091)
Welton, Clinton Oliver (Y17_091)
Welton, Glen Evan (018_163)
Welton, Keith Evan (Y18_162)
Welton, Kelly Sue (Y18_162)
Welton, Mildred June (Williams) (017_091)
Welton, Susan Jane (Kenamel) (Y18_162)
Welton, Thomas David (Y17_091)
Wiedergott, Anita-Marie (Y18_166)
Wiedergott, Heather (Y18_166)
Wiedergott, Hiedi Ann (Y18_166)
Wiedergott, Karl Aloise (Y18_166)
Wiedergott, Sylvia (Bloch) (018_166)
Wiedergott, Theresa Louise (Y18_166)
Wiedergott II, William Adolph (Y18_166)
Wiedergott III, William Adolph (Y18_166)
Wiend, May Estella (Giering) (016_045)
Williams, Barbara Jane (Thomas) (Y17_090)
Williams, Benjamin Franklin (Y16_029)
Williams, Dale Edward (Y17_093)
Williams, Douglas Reed (018_161)
Williams, Evan David (Y16_029)
Williams, Carmen Ruth (Searth) (Y17_093)
Williams, Delilah Christine (Giering) (016_029)
Williams, Jennifer Sue (Y18_161)
Williams, Lee Evan (Y17_093)
Williams, Mark David (Y17_093)
Williams, Mary Geritrude (Y16_29)
Williams, Peter Douglas (Y18_161)
Williams, Rand David (017_093)
Williams, Reed Benjamin (017_090)
Williams, Susan (?) (Y18_161)
Witham, Delbert Autury (18_021)
Wolf, Sarah (Giering) (014_010)
Wolf, Sebastian (Y14_010)
Wright, Carolyn Vail (Giering) (017_028)
Wright, Lee Stuart (Y17_028)
Wuensch, Maria (Giering) (012_001)

Name of an X Person

Name of a Y Person

Name of a Z Person Ziegler, Catharina (Giering) (012_003)

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