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AOL users should not use this form. While it is properly coded (based on Internet requirements), ONLY the AOL Server will NOT transmit the contents (all other servers support the form). To submit information to be added to or corrected on the Giering Family Trees web site, make use of some other ISP (Internet Service Provider) to use the form. Alternatively, please use E-Mail to the Author.

This form is designed to be used for the submission of information to be added to the Giering Family Genealogy data holdings. The form is organized similar to a worksheet as is displayed when viewing online. It is assumed that persons using this form are familiar with the worksheets that are either augmented or created from/by its contents.

Each worksheet is associated with a single person and, potentially that person's family (not the person's parent's family). We refer to the person for whom the information is being submitted as the "Principal". A second person - of the same generation - associated with the family described herein is referred to in this form as the "Spouse"; while there may be "many" spouses associated with a given "principal", for purposes of this form, we will be discussing only a single spouse (at the end of this form, you will have the option to call and fill out a form for each additional spouse). This second person, normally the legal spouse, may be a second principal (as in the instance where cousins marry) or may be a non-legal (common-law) co-habitant. As noted below, and witrh the exception of the instances where cousins inter-marry, the Principal is the peron in the direct Giering Family line.

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Please Identify yourself as the initial source of the information, include your name, your E-Mail Address and, if you know it, your identification number. Your identification number is found on your worksheet (if you are the Principal), immediately below your name. If you are not the Principal, use the identification number of the worksheet on which you are listed, but instead of the leading zero, use the letter "Y". For example, if you are listed on the worksheet for a Principal whose number is 018_136, you should use the identification number of Y18_136.

Please note that the Principal is ALWAYS the person in the direct Giering Family Line. That person MAY or MAY NOT have the Giering surname.

    Your Full Name?

    Your E-mail address?

    Your Identification number:

The first and most important item is the identification of the Principal (Birth Name). The amount of information necessary to identify the Principal is:

    Principal's First Name:      
    Principal's Middle Name:    
    Principal's Last Name:      

    Principal's Identification Number (If known, Leave Blank, If not):  

Now for the parents Information (if the parents are known, define the names, ages (at birth of the principal and/or spouse) and Id Nbr):

What Principal's Parents Spouse's Parents
Names: Father Mother Father Mother



Id Nbr:

Next the remaining information on the Principal and a spouse is entered. If there is more than one spouse (and/or children) create an additional form for each marriage/relationship. The Principal's Name was previously entered, so there is no need to re-enter it. NOTE: Enter Dates in Month, day, year format (e.g. Sep 23, 1963).

The Principal and Spouse
The Principal   The Spouse
Statistics Relationship Name Statistics
What Data What Data What Data What Data
EMail         EMail

Following the information on the Principal and a Spouse, the data on the children (up to five of them) of the union is entered. If there are more than five children, you may create a special form for each set of five children - this is available at the end of this form. If an additional worksheet is to be prepared for a given child, do not enter the statistics, rather enter the page number if previously assigned (and known) or the word "set" if it is unknown or one needs to be assigned. Children should be listed in chronological order of birth if that information is known. If the union between the Principal and the Spouse was not a legal one, be sure to enter the last name (name3) for each child; otherwise, that name may be omitted; if it is omitted, the surname of the male adult will be assumed.

Children of the Union
What 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child 5th Child

SOURCE - While you will be credited for submitting this information, if you have any information that might help others in verifying or comparing conflicting information, the source of the information (e.g. a family bible, etc.) would be of help. If no additional SOURCE information is given, you will be credited as the only source. Provision for three sets of source information is available - if more information is to be entered, please use the "Additional" box below. Each set of source information has three entry boxes: the first is the DATE. the next box (labeled "What-Who was reported on") is to contain which information (e.g. second spouse, birth dates for 2d and 3rd child, etc.) is being referenced. The other box (labeled "Source-Where Found") identifies the location of the source. For example, the second box might contain "Second Child, Charles, Birth and Baptism"; the associated third box might contain "Third Trinity Church Records for Jan 28, 1976; found by GFR" and the associated Date box would contain :Oct 13, 1997". The DATE box is the key by which the program determines if he set of source information is to be used. The contents of the second and third box will be used only if there is some information (not necessarily a valid date). If the DATE box is blank the second and third box contents will be ignored. .

  DATE What-Who was reported on Source-Where Found
Set one
Set Two
Set Three

In the following box, you can enter any information available about the Principal's (and/or the Spouse's) Occupations and/or employers. This includes all available information - not just current work, but also work history and possibly including a resume'.


Now for Address(es) - Enter into the following box, the current (or last known, especially for deceased persons) address or, if the principal and the spouse live apart, their addresses. Include telephone numbers.


EDUCATION - Use the following box to enter any information concerning the education received by either the Principal, the Spouse or both. Include especially the highest level of education attained.


Medical Information - This box is to be used for any available information on Medical History for anyone included on this worksheet, but not a child who has his/her own worksheet. This information will be of critical importance in the future when researchers attempt to identify potential hereditery illnesses.

    Medical Information:

Now for Military Service Information(s) - If any of the persons listed on this worksheet has served in the Military Services of the United States or any Foreign Country, that information should be included in this box.

    Military Service:

    Please add any additional information you feel might be pertinent


Please click on submit one time only. This form will be automatically mailed.

After submitting this basic form, to report additional children (beyond five) for this spouse or to report additional spouses, use the following forms - repetitiously if necessary:

  • For an additional set of five children.
  • For an spouse with no children for the union.
  • For an spouse with children for the union.

  • Thanks For Visiting

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