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Principal's Parents Spouse's Parents
Ludwig (AKA Louis) Giering Christiana
LennigsEmmigrated to USA about 1853
AGE:42 AGE:27 AGE:25 AGE:
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The Principal
Principal Spouse
Statistics Name Relationship Name Statistics
DOB: Aug 26, 1861
POB:Württemberg, Ger.
DOD:Jun 19, 1948
POD:Youngstown, Oh
POI:Oak Pary Cemetery, Youngstown, Oh
Christine Giering
AKA Christina; Tina
DOM:Feb 19, 182
POM:New Castle, Pa.
Nickolas W.
DOB:Dec 4, 1855
POB:North Beaver Township, Pa.
DOD:May 3, 1941
POD:New castle, Pa.
POI:Emanuel Evangelical Church.
Children of this Union
Braatz (Edward))
J. (AKA Bill)
Herman P.
Clarence R.
DOD:? ?, 1902
Additional Children
Date of Action
What or Who is reported upon.
What is the source(s) - From Where does the Information come.

Data: Aug 20, 1998; posted: September 21, 1998
Initial data on the Lennig Family - see backup.
Found in Family bible and forwarded by Rand Williams. Backup found in his folder in the author's files.

Photos: Summer, 1998; Posted: November 16, 1998
Photos of Three small children and of two families with Delilah )Giering) Williams
Both Photos found at Home of Gary Giering. Photos from his Facter, Charles.

Date of Action
What or Who is reported upon.
What is the source(s) - From Where does the Information come.

May 17, 1999
1)Details on Spouse and Spouse's parents, spouse's statistics including medical cause of death and Occupation
2) Religious informatin and emigration for principal
3) Edna's DOD and spouse's name
4) Residence
Found: Lennig Family Tree Information furnished by Thomas Lennig

Posted: July 5, 2000
Information on DOM, POM and spouse's cause of Death (Heart). Also details on Christine's religious feelings and lack of formal education
E-Mail from Thomas Lennig

Nicholas was a carpenter by trade and worked years ago at the old Rainey furnace and the stamping works. Later being employed at the Shenango tin mill for a number of years.

February 1932, Lived at 1045 Adams St., New Castle, Pa.

Christine (Christina) received no formal education, but learned to read and write English on her own. Her father "was a (Methodist) Episcopalian preacher who came to America for religious freedom," as was stated in an unsigned, undated letter that was setting in a family book. "He joined the Episcopal German Church in Youngstown, Ohio. After moving to New Castle, Pa., The Evangelical German Church, now a part of the United Methodist Church. Christine was very premillenialist and fascinated her family with Biblical insights into the Book of Revelation and her rather modern predictions of a "United Rome," Armageddon and the Antichrist." In a recent (July 2000) interview with a couple of her (christine's) grandchildren, "fascinated" was not the word they would use. It was very painful to have to go to her house and sit very quietly with hands folded while they listen to her preach the bible and her predictions of Armageddon and the Antichrist, every time they seen her. They had not heard of her father (Ludwig) being a preacher although they knew of the unsigned, undated letter. We can only guess that Christine got her passion for religion from her father, whether he was a preacher or like Christine, a home preacher with a passion.

NICHOLAS: Cause of Death: Complications following eight weeks of illness (Brights desease adn/or Chronic Myocarditis).


Christine's Emigration: December 16, 1872, Port of New York, with parents From: Christine came from Würtemburg, Germany at age ten and settled in Youngstown, Ohio. Came to New Castle, Penn at age fourteen. Oak Park Cemetery.
Note for Nicholas: Death Services were conducted by Pastor C. W. Dietrich at the Emanuel Evangelical Church, South Jefferson Street, New Castle.

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Bottom Row: Christine (Giering) Lennig and Her Husband, Nicholas. Top Row: William J. Lennig and wife, Bessie.

Nicholas and Christine's Grave Marker

Believed to be either the
Strobel or Lennig Family

Delilah (Giering) Williams
(marked with arrow)

with the Strobel and Lennig Families.

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